Engagement Rings x College Humour = LOL!

Some of the sweetest things I heard from Valentine’s Day yesterday, was how many people got engaged!

It certainly would’ve been spectacular if you’re a numbers person, to eternally remember the day you got engaged as February 14th, 2014!! As a matter of fact, initially Danny and I were originally planning to have a wedding ceremony on this exact day in Jamaica for that very reason, that it would seem totally cool to always remember our wedding date as Feb 14/14, but unfortunately, cost came to play and we ended up shelving that idea of having two weddings (Thank God!)

With all the folks getting engaged yesterday, twitter chatter and Facebook was alive about the pressures and over-the-top expenses getting engaged (specifically the engagement ring) costs poor ol’ blokes who have to shovel out the dough!

As such, I came across this hilarious video from College Humour speaking on this very topic! Whether you want to go traditional with an engagement ring, or skip it for something more modern or eclectic to profess your love for one another, this hilarious video certainly lightens the mood from all those engagement ring pressures – that’s for sure! So if you want a laugh, DEF check it out – Its really really funny. Believe me!


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