Valentine’s Day – Love it or Hate it, Do for Love!


So today was that time of year again! You know, that over commercialized “holiday” that some ppl LOVE and some ppl… well let’s just say,” they’re just not that into it”?

Today is pretty special for us, since it’s exactly 4 months until we get married AND it’s Valentine’s BUT we knew going in, that today was going to be pretty low key and subdued for us, as a “couple”.  Danny was working all day and I was invited to go see a play with some close friends.  However, I wouldn’t have traded today for anything! Danny spent the day having fun with his work friends doing his thing, while I spent the day running around doing wedding related stuff.

During the day, Danny surprised me by coming to see me for a quick sec to say Happy Valentine’s which was pretty sweet. Then I spent the evening/night with some friends and family until Danny came home from work and joined in on the fun with us. First, me and our friend Danny (another Danny) went out to eat in Chinatown before we went to catch a local theatre production that has been quickly raising steam here in Toronto in its 2nd year of production. Then all went back to my mom’s place to hang and kick jokes where Danny ended up joining us after he finished work. To round off, we went to my uncle’s to see my grandma and fam, and ended up staying there having so much fun with family it was nearly 2:30 AM when we realized how late it was!

All of this I tell ya, because many times on social media, there are those that will complain how much they dislike Valentine’s Day because they feel its  really commercial, trying to convince ppl to spend a lot of money as an example of expressing love to their partner. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about that at all, nor restricted to love between couples even! For me, Valentine’s Day, is about celebrating love! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

Its an amazing day for kids especially as schools/classes shift focus on showing love and affection to each other – which is an AWESOME thing to teach our kids! It’s also about stopping for a few minutes, hours, or at least ONE day in the all too familiar hectic-ness of our daily lives when we can get so easily caught up to remember showing love to all those we hold dear – friends, family, neighbours, coworkers, teachers, etc. – and THAT can never be a bad thing can it?! Heck no! For me personally, I LOVE Valentine’s! (as most holidays anyway lol)

Today couldn’t have been more perfect! Such a wonderful day, eating, laughing, talking and spending time with so many that I love – my Mr. AND friends & family!

Tell us, how did you spend your Valentine’s? What are some “non-traditional” ways you spend YOUR Valentine’s Day celebrating love? We’d love to hear from you!


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